Massage Therapy


T.J. Moore, LMT

Graduated from Lurleen B. Wallace College in 2009

Certified by the Alabama State Board of Massage Therapy with 750 hours of training

Working with Dr. Kirk Eriksen since 2011

Specializing in therapeutic massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, lymphatic

drainage, neuropathy treatment, cupping, and sports massage.

Our Patients Speak

Patient with chronic debilitating pain has her life back with the help of TJ's massage therapy

Retired Marine praises TJ and how he has helped his chronic pain

Aquamed Hydrotherapy Massage

The HydroMassage bed is an alternative to traditional massage that helps to temporarily promote relaxation, relieve muscle tension, increase blood circulation, and reduce stress in most individuals. This is done naturally through the use of massaging water jets. The Aquamed Hydrotherapy allows users to customize their massage from a gentle pressure to a deep tissue massage. The patient does not need to get undressed to use the HydroMassage bed, and you can get a great massage in 15 minutes. Ask the staff for more information on this therapy and to see if you qualify for a free introductory massage.

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