Dr. Eriksen discusses Neuropathy care on Moms Everyday

Our Patients Speak

Bill tells how happy he is with his results from our Neuropathy treatment and with our Staff

Billie loves our staff and the 85% improvement in her nerve sensory loss


James shares how his care from Eriksen Chiropractic Laser Center helped his Peripheral Neuropathy

Peggy happily shares her dramatic response to care that happened rapidly

Cindy experienced a dramatic improvement in the numbness in her feet with our care

Jim shares his experience with our Neuropathy care while receiving Hako-Med Horizontal Therapy

Neuropathy in his hands was preventing him from playing golf until he received our care

Teddy says our care has given him "New Life" with relief from his Neuropathy and Knee Pain

Patients describe their experiences after receiving Neuropathy
treatment at Eriksen Chiropractic Laser Center

"…numbness, terrible pain feeling at the end with no where to turn. Desperate for a little relief...I have feeling, pain has decreased so much. My feet are beginning to feel a little normal. I feel more confident in walking."


"Neuropathy pain for 2 years described as shooting and ‘pins and needles.' Pain was originally rated 8-9 and after treatment it has been reduced to 2-3."


"Approximately 3 years gradually getting worse…feet felt like the bottom of feet were like 'paper cut' stings…feet felt like walking in wet shoes…felt more secure holding onto something when walking. Less active…took one prescription which did not help...Can walk pretty good unaided. Feet do not hurt constantly. Feel safe enough to drive, with some caution…More feeling in legs. Very pleased so far…Not ready to sit at 86."


"Numbness in legs. Sometimes mild and sometimes severe enough to interfere with standing. Symptoms began about 2 years before I began treatment...I do not have the episodes of severe numbness…I am less concerned about having an episode when I am away from home."


Dr. Eriksen discusses Neuropathy care on the Ann Varnum Show


Our Robotic Class 4 Laser and LED Infrared Therapy are 2 of the
main treatment modalities we used to help our patients

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